Optimism Tax

Optimism Tax

I’ve just come across the concept of Optimism Tax thanks to a link on Matts blog. I like it. Reminds me of a couple of times I’ve paid this.

It got me thinking though about the different forms this can take. I considered the optimism I’ve had at times in work, thinking it will work out and feel I’ve paid through reduced income… Then I realised that there’s a fine line between Optimism Tax and Fools Tax. Optimism Tax is about the price you pay for the good feeling you have from trusting people and not worrying. Fools Tax is where you worry about it and still pay. I’ve done this too 🙁

But getting back to the point the concept of Optimism Tax has made me smile and I think will continue to for a while. So thanks to Halcyon for the original post.

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