Boss – last day

Boss – last day

Well we have struggled with our little friend Boss.

He has been quite unbalanced since we brought him over from Spain. He has been getting worse.

When he had been over a week or so he started biting and trying to be dominant. We then struggled to get a lead on him and ended up having to bribe him with treats and then put a muzzle on. Then we could get the lead on. It was a nightmare getting it off.

He also had a skin condition which is chronic, Westies are susceptible to it but his was really bad an this meant we needed to bath him twice a week. Not easy with a dog that doesn’t like being handled.

We had a dog behaviourist look at him and she suggested various techniques which all work a little but he started to get more and more unpredictable. He launched an attack on Marieta biting her on the groin, then the knee and then the foot. He got me a few times too.

In the end after discussions with the behaviourist and the vet we all agreed that the best thing for him and for us was to have him put down.

It was very sad. These photos were taken on his last day.


Looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth doesn’t he…

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