Our Wedding

Our Wedding

We had a great time at our wedding and would like to thanks all the people who made it out to Spain to celebrate it with us.

Thanks particularly to Paddy for taking lots of photos on my camera on the day.

It was about 39 degrees C.

The wedding wasn’t until 6.30pm so, after getting the car washed, I spent most of the rest of the day in or near the pool. I was a little surprised when I went to wash the car as the guy in the garage asked if it was me getting married. How word spreads.

When the photographer turned up at the hotel at 4.30 for some pre-wedding photos, I was still in my trunks and had a job trying to organise my brothers to get some clothes on for the photographer.

Apart from a slight problem with the coaches which meant I was nearly late rather than the Bride, the day went really well.

The coaches were due at 5.30pm but there was a misunderstanding and they were waiting for us in one place whilst we were waiting for them at the hotel. As the old streets are narrow, they couldn’t get the coaches up to the hotel.

We eventually found them at about 6.10pm and I got to the church at about 6.30. Fortunately Marieta had been told I (and all the guests in the coaches with me) was running late.

After that the wedding went without a hitch.




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